To stay up-to-date on digital marketing and tech I read a bunch of great blogs. In this article I share my top 15 of blogs on digital marketing and tech. I hope these are useful inspiration for you. If you have any to add, feel free to do so in the comments.

I’ve made two lists, one with the top 10 international blogs I follow, the other one with the top 5 Dutch blogs I follow.

International blog top 10 

  1. TheNextWeb
    My all time favorite blog. Founders of TheNextWeb conference, this former Amsterdam startup brings me all there is to know about tech, digital and the startup scene.
  2. Mashable
    Mashable offers great international content. I specifically follow the social, tech and business sections.
  3. Venturebeat
    Venturebeat is all about tech and startups.
  4. Forbes
    The well know Forbes business blog is worth reading. I specifically follow the Social Media and Tech sections.
  5. Techcrunch
    Techcrunch is also about tech and startups. If it’s not on Venturebeat, you can find it on Techcrunch.
  6. The Buffer blog
    I’m a happy user of the Buffer app for publishing content on my social channels. They also run a useful blog with regular updates on social best practices. Worth the follow!
  7. Jacob Morgan’s blog
    I’ve been following Jacob for a while now and had the chance to meet him in Amsterdam once. He writes great articles about the future of work. Also worth to follow his video blogs
  8. The Hootsuite blog
    As a business partner of Hootsuite, first in the Caribbean and now in Europe, I’m an all time fan of this enterprise social media management platform. They also run a great blog on social media that is worth following!
  9. Brian Solis
    Brian studies the effects of disruptive technology on business and society. He writes about humanizing technology, great inspiration.
  10. Fortune
    Well known of its Fortune 500 ranking, Fortune also offers a great section on technology that is worth following.

Dutch blog top 5

  1. Frankwatching
    My all time favorite Dutch online marketing blog.  I joined the blog team early 2014 writing about social media and technology.
  2. Emerce
    Great daily news about the Dutch marketing and technology scene. Their daily newsletter is worth following.
  3. Marketingfacts
    Dutch marketing blog about online marketing and cross-media.
  4. 42Bis
    42Bis is written by web specialists and offers best practices and insights on web culture and online marketing.
  5. Social Media nieuws
    Dutch social media blog with specific cases and info about social media.

Anything to add? Let me know in the comments which blogs you follow that are not in my list.